Why You Need to Secure Your Home Network

Why You Need to Secure Your Home Network

Do you have a home network for business, education or leisure purposes? Is it secure?  Are you at any risk?

Unsecure home networks are at considerable risks that may well land you in a lot of trouble and problems legal and otherwise.  They might be very costly or just as well very timely.  Well here are the advantages and need to securing your home network.

Prevents hacking of personal content

This is the most common problem.  Securing networks enables you prevent hacking of your information which can be used for blackmail or stealing from you.  They help also in keeping the sensitive information for example bank and credit card passwords and statements.  Here is some help in protecting your network.

Reduces chance of war driving

Spying and stalking of users data and information is very possible.  Remember, everyone in close range to your home network. Once within your router’s field coverage they too can collect IP addresses, and if network is unsecure can collect the information traversing from one end of the connection to the next just increase greatly.It can be therefore manipulated and monitored.

Eliminates liability of illegal content download

In Germany a court arraigned an individual for not securing a device and thus allowing the device to be used by another person through their router to gain access to the internet and download illegal content. The German court in Karlsruhe, noted that private home users should ensure that Home networks should be properly secured from any third party access and use at all given times. The court also explained that the owner could be fined up to 100 Euros or face time in prison. Regardless of the laws in your area, legal problems are just an example of reasons to make sure home network is secure.

No chance of identity mix-ups

As illustrated earlier people can use an individual’s router to perpetrate a crime.Crime solvers walk back data to IP addresses of routers, thus a possibility of being framed for a crime by someone within your home network proximity.

Reduced malware attacks

It greatly reduces chances of malware attacks on your devices that may and can be planted by hackers.  This ensures your devices stay protected at all times.  It also eliminates the possibility of such things happening.

Those are just a few but very important reasons to secure that home network.Why suffer all the expense?  Why go through the trouble?  Instead why don’t you secure your network and save yourself the trouble of uncertainty.  A strong password is highly recommended of 7 or more characters inclusive of words numbers and symbols.

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